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My TRHS 2016 Senior Project, 1977 Datsun 280Z RB20DET

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Originally I was just browsing through Ebay and forums hopefully trying to pickup an L28ET. I almost bought one and the guy ended up not being able to sell to me because the days he needed the engine gone and the day my uncle could pick it up did not match. Well that was a pretty big bummer, so I looked on Ebay and could not find a reasonably priced L28ET. I gave up on the option of finding an L28ET and started looking into the RB swaps. I settled on the RB25 and convinced myself that I would be fine with all the mounts and stuff. I added up the total and realized it was completely out of my budget. I looked into an SR20 and again, that was out of my budget. But while browsing through ebay for an engine, I managed to find a 200ZR RB20DET. This came with the rear sump oil pan I needed! It also came with a 5 speed, turbo, and the ECU. Ended up spending all of the money I had ($800) and with $200 from my father, I purchased the engine and paypal'd the guy money. 


A week of not being able to sleep from the excitement of having an engine shipped to my house, it finally came (12/23/15). My RB20DET out of a 200ZR!


Today marks the beginning of my build



Pictures I took the day the engine arrived.


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So today, I've had a closer look at the engine and a couple of interesting things about it are...


The engine may have been in the hands of Impul.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impul

Basically like the Mugen to Honda, the RUF to Porsche. 


And it turns out that my ECU is a Mine's ECU. http://i.imgur.com/ZX3EJSy.jpg

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