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Basically 15x9.5 -20 on all 4 corners will be flush with regular zg flares. I run 17in same size and offset and im flush with my flares with 235 toyo r1r. There is plenty of info on this sight and others as to what sizes you can go with. To avoid adapters and spacers you need negative offset.

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On a non-coilover suspension, it seems like 4.5" of backspacing is the most people are running without rubbing. That is the dimension you need to be most concerned with (at least for inside rub); in the aforementioned 15" X 9.5" -20 example, that is exactly 4.5" of backspacing. but that same -20 offset on a 10" wide wheel would put you at 4.75" backspace, and you'd likely be rubbing the suspension.

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