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280z won't start

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Hello fellow Z fans. I own a 1976 that will not start. I'm not getting any power to the fuel pump. I traced the problem back to fuel relay (A13-000 002). 


My question is there a alternative to the dual relay i can purchase or a diagram i can follow for a generic relays that can be purchased at local autostore. Or is there a diagram to the relay points/connectors. I really want to get my Z back on the road this summer and hate to be stopped due to a relay.


Attached is the picture of the relay


Any help or suggestion will be greatly appreciated.





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 Or is there a diagram to the relay points/connectors. 

This kind of implies that you didn't dig very deep in to the Factory Service Manual so may not have diagnosed the right problem.  There is an excellent schematic of the relay in the Engine Fuel chapter.  


Back to diagnosing though, have you done the basic relay test of closing the AFM contact switch with the key On and listening for the pump?  That's what triggers the relay.  Check for power at the AFM switch to be sure that portion of the path is there.

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I agree, I would do a little more research in the FSM before replacing relays. I don't know if your AFM circuit is the problem. I would expect you could get it to start, but not run because when the motor is cranking the ignition circuit bypasses the AFM circuit to activate the relay.


The fuel relay A13-000 002 is the same as the bosch 0 332 514 120. If its the realy then that will give you more options. I have been using the bosch unit for years.







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