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Hello everyone. I've tried doing a search, but couldn't get anything. My 75 280z idles at about 1300rpms with constant misfiring throwing it up or down 200rpms. Not sure if those two are related. My concern here is the high idle though for the moment. All vacuum lines are less than a month old. My A/C & heat was removed by PO due to "electrical issues. Blowing fuses." My temperature switch (heard this could be an issue) does not function properly. When I connect it, she idles really high then dies. My AFM is new and was tampered with by PO, but I have it set at the optimal setting I think. Idle adjustment screw on throttle body is all the way down. Side note (note sure of its relevance): there is plenty vacuum coming off the intake manifold line going to the CC, but the small hose with the "T" in it coming out has ZERO vacuum. The throttle linkage is not sticking. Please oh please let your far reaching knowledge rain down upon me. Thank you in advance:)

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