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Coilover kit instructions

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Z car fans,

Looking at different kits for my 73 240z.  Need a kit for the street and occasional autocross.

I received instructions for two different kits, and to my surprise they were the same instruction, and very poorly done.  I've attached the instructions if anyone would like to take a look.

Looked to me like it was translated from another language, probably Japanese. 


I'm basing my purchase on a lot of things, and one of them happens to be the fabrication/installation instructions.


Can anyone share with me the BC Coilover instructions?? I contacted the mfg, and they have not disclosed the information yet.




joe in SE WI


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Hahahaha that must be translated from Chinese. The instructions are correct if you get around the poor wording, and all coilover kits will/ should have the same install. The nice part with that kit is it comes with the sleeves to weld onto the stock parts. Sometimes you take the s13 sleeve with the spindle mount and cut and grind said mount off, then clean off the paint before you weld.

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Yea the use of the stick welder kind also points towards a chinese origin. 


BC coilover instructions are like 4 pictures. 2 for the front 2 for the rear.


For the weld on coilovers you only need number for the height of the remaining stub to leave. Everything else is kind of self explanatory. 


Found my instructions: E6D0211D-BD82-4541-962E-BA9EAEBA8A3F_zps


If you are looking at the ones on Ebay, be warned 240zdan has noted that his original design (which is copied by a lot of the eBay brands) is flawed with using the 240sx coilovers. His suggestions was the need of either a pillow ball or an inverted shock in the rear or a resulting premature failure of the shock seal can occur if memory serves, most 240sx coilovers do not have that kind of setup, a lot of the kits seemed to be offered by companies without this knowledge or experience installing the kit.


These are the ones I think are trust worthy:

Ground control (shortened stock housing, comes with either drill in camber plate or weld in, selectable shock and springs)


TTT (same benefits as above, but with a prebuilt system, send in core for credit, potential new offering for drop spindle design for the fronts coming soon)


Sakura garage (inverted shocks, weld on collar, comes with either stock or drill in camber plate, upgradeable with swift springs)


Arizona Zcar (weld on collar, weld in camber plate, custom shock and spring will have to send shock to them for rebuild)


BC (rear pillow balls (I think, they had angle even when bolted in at the top), weld on collar, need to clearance fronts for the hump, no need to drill for camber plate, or optional two hole camber plate, selectable spring rate with associated damper, or upgradeable with swift springs)


I am not sure about Mckinney. They make adapters for the S13 megan coilover kit, megan I think has an inverted shock setup, although without a window in the adapter like the Sakura garage ones you won't be able to adjust the shock on the car. I am not sure what their complete kit comes with. Some people have said it is just a 240sx kit, mckinney says custom dampers and springs to match 240z's, the good thing is that this comes with the clearance hump for the front struts.

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