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  1. Hey, thanks for the response. I kinda figured that was a possible answer... I look forward to getting my 5 speed up and running as well. thanks joe
  2. Mr. Bob... was your issue with the neutral switch resolved?? I have that same tranny, but do not have a tapped hole where the red arrow is pointing to.... has me a little confused. It's just a blind hole, no threads. Maybe the engineers used a different trigger for the neutral position. thanks, joe
  3. Anybody have the 2 pieces that reinforce the oil pan flange for any of the L engines?? Mine were destroyed, need something that will be workable. Either that or if someone has a jpg I can bring it into Fusion 360 and model and create toolpaths. thanks joe
  4. Thanks for the reply and info. I did not see any 'cwc' marked anywhere on the cam. Back journal is stamped 'erson', '280n' and '1187'. I could take the cam to my local machine shop, they should be able to measure hardness. I'll check out the FB page. thanks again joe
  5. I believe it is new, not an original nissan cam. The width of the lobes is quite different. you agree?? joe
  6. very nice. Gotta love the spring/valve height measuring gizmo!! Looks like a lot welding there as well. joe
  7. I guess my intended audience is DIYer's or anybody who's looking for a little more info. you're right about the lash pad sizing. It wasn't blind luck, maybe a decent guess. I made sense that with the new cam having the same base diameter that a closer to stock pad would be required. I thought it might help me figure it out by going thru it and explaining it. I'm always open for comments and help. joe
  8. Because I haven't seen any videos talking about lash pad sizing, cam degreeing, degree wheels, or TDC on an L28, I figured I'd take a shot at it. Please excuse my video production qualities or my lack of expertise. Like i said, just wanted to take a shot at these subjects. Please comment if i've missed something big or small. thanks joe lash pad sizing.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQSf2TinWc4&t=215s TDC short block....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvcXhv-HZ_0 TDC validation with head installed ....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09AJpZ9z0EY Intake cam lobe center validation... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=895VzDZA8pA
  9. Hey, thanks for response, i've already talked to our friends at vintage connections.
  10. Is there a mfg name or model # on the plug?? I need to locate one as well... or start searching thru salvage yards... always a good time.. joe
  11. Fellow Enthuziazts... I'm in the process of resto-modding my 73 240z. I purchased the AZC coil overs, they are very nice. The car is in the process of being painted, and I'm redoing the suspension myself. I've had just about every part of the car acid stripped, and i'm ready to assemble the suspension. Want to weld, paint, assemble, and send to shop for installation on the body. Unfortunately, i really can't mock up the rear coil-over setup with body, because it's all completely apart. This is just a street car, maybe the occasional autocross. I'll probably get some 235/40 17s or something close to the original tire OD. I probably won't lower the car more than inch. Can anyone share what height or dimension was used to locate the new coil-over tube?? I cut the original strut tube at 3.5" from the casting per AZC's directions. thanks Joe in SE WI.
  12. Hey, I went with the American AutoWire Hiway 22 kit for my 240z. It's a pretty nice setup, but the main terminal block is not exactly small. I will be running a megasquirt and fuel injection pump and such so I went with the larger unit. joe
  13. beautiful Z car. i'm installing the same coil overs on my 240. How high did you weld the new tube from the bottom casting?? I cut original strut tube at 3.5" per AZC directions. I'm going to run the same size tires, and don't want to drop more than inch. I got the body in the shop getting painted, and don't feel like mocking it up... just want to weld it and paint everything up. thanks, Joe in WI
  14. Was talking to a gentleman at one of the larger Nissan parts suppliers today. Their site doesn't go back to anything earlier than '84. He gave me the name for a website that specializes in early Datsun/Nissan parts that are not listed on the site. The site is http://www.carpartsmanual.com/#ManualsMenu It's pretty extensive and it has Nissan part numbers. Fantastic resource for us early Z car and Datsun restorers. joe
  15. Looking for a kit for the retaining rings, o-rings, and other stuff to rebuild my half-shafts for my 240z. Does anyone know what's available out there? thanks, Joe in WI
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