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What gasket to use? Need help


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I have 1978 280z... The head is cracked so I am replacing it with a P79 head.  


I am wondering if someone has experience putting a P79 head on a N42 block.  Does everything line up properly?


I am buying a complete gasket set for my 78' 280z but do I have to buy the head gasket for an 81' 280zx to match the P79 head or would they be the same?


My build is going to consist of the following:

N42 Block rebored

New Flat top pistons

Grind camshaft if needed with new bearings

P79 Head resurfaced (0.010") with complete valve job

Remachined stock cam 245-270 degree with lift .460"


K&N Cone 



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No problem putting a P79 on an N42 block, or an E88 on an F54. I believe that the Felpro head gaskets have all of the possible coolant holes, so there shouldn't be an issue with holes getting  blocked off. It is always a good idea to confirm when doing assembly. The Felpro oil pan and cam cover gaskets are the best IMO.

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