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  1. Very generous of you Leon.... I'll let you know.
  2. Trying to figure out if I should go 2.5" or 3" for my build. I have lots of mixed opinions, some saying 2.5" is more than plenty and others say 3" is the way to go. Has anyone with a higher compression (10:1 or greater), N/A & hot cam set-up have done a dyno comparison of a 2.5" set-up and a 3" set-up and seen any difference?
  3. I am looking for lash pads. Preferably 0.230" thick. I am preparing to put together my motor. I am not sure the thickness needed for my build. I want to order thicker to machine to suit. TheZstore only has 0.175" right now. Anyone have a set or know where to buy thicker lash pads? Thanks.
  4. I've seen Bryan Blake's graphs before. One thing I found interesting is that most people say that there is no point of going over .460" lift without having a professional port job because the heads don't flow anymore at the higher lifts. But looking at Blake's graphs, the P90 stock head still flows a lot past .450" all the way up to .550" lift. I was hoping more people can show there stock flow numbers before porting to compare.
  5. Looking for some head flow information. Hoping I can get some people to post the STOCK flow numbers they had before porting for intake & exhaust. I am specifically looking for Intake (P90 or P79) and for Exhaust (P79 or N47). I know there is not much to do on the exhaust for those two head types other than blending the short side radius and some people remove some of the valve guides. Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks, jy.s30z
  6. Looking for help. I am going to start putting together a motor soon and I have all the fasteners mixed together due to sitting in storage for a while. I also have access to bolts at my work if I am missing anything. I am hoping that someone has a list of what fasteners go where. Did anyone purchase the Bolt Kit from Zcardepot and has pictures of the stock list or something? Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. Hey Mark, Do you do the standard light covers? If not, any plans to?
  8. Do you have the flow numbers of your ported head?
  9. Sorry - not selling, Found one for myself and the guy told me to make an offer and I wasn't sure what is considered a good price.
  10. Looking for what a used R200 3.9 LSD goes for these days?
  11. Looking for used or new Fidanza Flywheel for my 280Z. Part#143281
  12. Looking for L-Series Connecting Rods from L24 or L16. These rods are 133.0 mm (5.24") LG.
  13. No I haven't.... I just received my parts back from the machine shop and waiting on a few more items before I start assembly and taking measurements. Iv'e just been doing calculations on what to expect and something not making sense. Just wondering how/why the books are so off from real life. 0.020" is a lot to deck a block and everyone seems to be in this area and I don't think everyone has a decked block.
  14. This post is to find out if anyone knows why the L28 motors have negative deck height when running flat tops (piston sticks out of block). From reading different people's post I see that the deck height measurements are roughly 0.017"-0.025". I never understood why when looking at the measurements from "How to Rebuild Your Nissan & Datsun OHC Engine" L28 specs: Block Deck Height = 207.85 mm Connecting Rod = 130.2 mm Piston Pin Height = 38.1 mm Crankshaft Stroke = 79.0 mm This should give a positive deck height of 207.85 - (130.2+38.1+(79/2)) = 0.05 mm (.002") I was just wondering if anyone knows why in real life we get a negative deck of ~0.5 mm (.020")? Which of the above numbers is not accurate to real life? Am I missing something.
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