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Polyvance dash repair


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  • 4 years later...

After having previous poor satisfaction from a dash cap, I decided to try the Polyvance method.


I had three crack areas:




The middle area went all the way through the foam.


I followed the exellent instructions as given in the Polyvance video, and in their step-by-step instruction.


I widened all the cracked areas, and in the large middle crack, I used their FiberFlex to weld in a mesh backing plate.



This shows one of the smaller cracks after filling with FiberFlex:



After sanding the filled areas, I applied their passed dash filler, which is a bondo-like product:




I then primered the entire dash, sanded, and applied their Flextex VT texture spray:


I also retextured the glovebox door so that it would match.  I'll need to do the center console as well.


This was all done back in July, but I have not yet reinstalled the dash since I am still painting the interior.


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  • 3 years later...

I used this stuff on mine about 10 years ago. The areas I patched still look great, only problem is the rest of the foam is 50 years old, so it eventually cracks in new and exciting places. If you're able to, get a dash from Hong Vu or one of the other ones supplying it so you don't have to go through pulling the dash again.

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