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New pig tails/connectors for head/tail lights

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Wondering if anyone knows of place that makes newer connectors for the head/tail lights on the 260z? I've had too many issues with the old wiring harness and decided to pull it. Nothing was really hooked up or worked anyway. (SBC swapped) So I've wired up the ignition and such already and just need lights. I'd like to avoid using any of the original wiring so I want to get rid of the pigtails coming off the lights. Anything out there that directly fits in the Z head and tail light housings?

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Other than the connector that attaches to the back the headlight housing itself, no one that I'm aware of has sourced the various water proof 260/280 connector shells and pins.


Search amazon or ebay for "headlight connector H4" and you'll come up with lots of options.

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