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  1. https://m.ebay.com/itm/DATSUN-BLUEBIRD-510-B110-240Z-260Z-280Z-1000-1200-1600-1800-TAIL-LIGHT-SOCKETS-/162619873447?txnId=1614108196006 found these on eBay if anyone has looked for them. Just thought I’d post.
  2. would that be the same LS3 oil pan for the 2014 Camaro?
  3. I have a 5.3 from a 2005 GMC Sierra 1500 in my Z and decided to go the DBW route. Mortor didn't come with a throttle body so I got a complete (tac module, throttle body, and pedal) setup from ebay from a 2005 1500 Suburban. what I need to knw it what wires I need to connect to my my pcm. What I have left hanging off of the plug that goes from my throttle body plug to the TAC module is an orange/black, grey/black, grey, blue, and blue/white. what im trying to find out is which wires are supposed to run to the PCM, and in what location they land. im decently sure some of the wires go to cruise c
  4. I am. Its about 3 1/2 inches from the ground, my car is lowered 2 1/2 inches as well. think I may send it back to summit because it is pretty low..
  5. I just got mine in and cleared the steering rack, 260z with dirty dingo mounts. although I haven't got a trans hooked up yet.
  6. Im also using Dirty Dingo mounts and am looking for header fitment options. Im running a 5.3 (no trans yet..) and am going to see it stock truck manifolds will clear as a friend of mine has a pair to test.
  7. Messaged summit before purchase to see about this pan kit compared to the F body* pan in terms of size and fitment and was told it was actually a bit smaller. Also with a little adjusting and a lot more daylight and patience it fits fine and I clear the the rack no problem. Have to check pan to ground clearance (on jack stands) because my car is lowered.. Still a slow budget minded build at this point. Pretty close to running, setting up my fuel cell and lines soon and with a little more wiring itll fire up!
  8. Im doing a 2005 5.3 swap in my early 260z and using dirty dingo mounts and a "muscle car oil pan kit" (summit pn NAL-19212593) which was supposed to be similar to the LS1 oil pan. We are currently sittin on the steering rack with the mounts adjusted to their highest points. Im curious as to how people have altered their steering racks to work with these mounts because I have also heard of people having to mess with the rack to fit it in while others don't, although I cant find anything on it currently
  9. Wondering if anyone knows of place that makes newer connectors for the head/tail lights on the 260z? I've had too many issues with the old wiring harness and decided to pull it. Nothing was really hooked up or worked anyway. (SBC swapped) So I've wired up the ignition and such already and just need lights. I'd like to avoid using any of the original wiring so I want to get rid of the pigtails coming off the lights. Anything out there that directly fits in the Z head and tail light housings?
  10. Hei distributor isn't connected to anything but the battery?
  11. Looking for a wiring diagram to completely rewire the small block in my Z! Haven't had any luck with specifics or a good diagram so any help would be appreciated. Is a 70-74 350 small block. Just blew my starter (terminals off the battery were red hot after a nice cloud of smoke came out from under the hood), and I ran threw some of the wiring under the hood and it was horrible. Planning on ripping all the old wiring out completely as 95% of it isn't hooked up to anything at all. My headlights are already hooked up independently to a toggle switch and I was hoping to run the starter and igniti
  12. I'm a pretty dense guy as it is and wire is probably my weakest of points so I truly appreciate you stickin it out on this one lol
  13. That did the trick man!! Thank you, I could not have got this done without you!
  14. Or do I need to splice a wire to go from battery/switch on to the relay as well?
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