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I have an old school JTR conversion i started ~15 years ago.  (No LS's motor's back then!) 

After i put 1,000 miles on the car i transferred to Australia.  

You can see that effort here:  http://aka.ms/chuckscar 


In the process of driving it to the storage facility the fuel line was pushed off the regulator spraying fuel on the headers and -well you get the idea instead of a Datsun going into storage i have a burn victim.


Fast forward to today with a couple of mice playing house in the rear quarter panels for the last decade+ resulting in some slow cancer I am trying to figure out what to do w/ the car. 

So far i have changed the carb from the Edelbrock to a brand new Summit Racing/Holley 750cfm vacuum secondary carb, ran a fuel line to to plastic bottle w/ a hand pump, pulled the plugs gave it a shot of Oil in the cylinders, turned it over for a minute without the coil, put the spark plugs back in and started it -YEAH!


At this point the plan is to strip it down, fix the rust, reshoot it and make it into a sunny day toy.   My question is should i start a single build thread or post as i progress? 












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