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I'm Amazed! Stock engine components

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I am amazed I haven't seen any info about this. Everyone is so focused on big cams,bigger bore etc...


I'm curious as to what a stock long block l28 could put out. I'm talking aftermarket intake,better exhaust. Modified dizzy for more advance.

Camshaft timing adjustments,better spark (MSD FOR EXAMPLE)..

I wonder what these mods and extensive dump tuning would put down.

Anyone have any input?

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I think that there's a few in the thread linked below.  People talk about it all the time,they just don't make a big deal of it.  Your amazement is more about finding stuff on the forum, I think.


And you can turn the distributor for more advance.  What is "dump tuning"?  Sounds like one of those fancy California diets.



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