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  1. Hey, had a thought and ive searched but found nothing in regards to my thought. Say you have a 280z, stock engine with a carb swap on it. Access to 100oct fuel and someone to dyno tune the car. What would be possible as far as a high compression ratio with a STOCK cam. No timing retard.all things being equal,just flat tops and a slightly shaved head (say to straighten it). What would be the results as well as the final CR? just curious
  2. So I have an extra engine from a 280z. Everything is there. I also have a Ford ranger body the is in decent shape. Thinking of putting a Z engine in it. The stock 4cy in the ranger puts out a lowsy 98hp new so I'm thinking with the Z engine it should have a lot more get up and go.has anyone done this before? I've searched but can't seem to find anything.
  3. Haha sorry. Auto correct..dyno* tuning. And thanks. I did some searching but seemed limited. I'll check into it a little more.
  4. All that on an otherwise STOCK head/block**
  5. I am amazed I haven't seen any info about this. Everyone is so focused on big cams,bigger bore etc... I'm curious as to what a stock long block l28 could put out. I'm talking aftermarket intake,better exhaust. Modified dizzy for more advance. Camshaft timing adjustments,better spark (MSD FOR EXAMPLE).. I wonder what these mods and extensive dump tuning would put down. Anyone have any input?
  6. Hey y'all. So I've come a ways with my car and I'd love to get rid of my half shafts and throw in some cv axles from the 83 turbo 280zx..how is it done and what do I need? I already have R200 diff in the car..I've searched and haven't gotten a straight answer. Thanks
  7. Why not just get a maxima n47 head? High quench design. Small ports, etc... Would put his CR around 10.8:1 Have to run good gas but with proper tuning and run it a tad bit rich,should be a great head choice for the build.. came on the 80-83 maxima gas engines.bolts right up
  8. Hey all. I plan to run a large shot of nitrous (250hp shot)... Bottom end its built so that isnt my issue..ive converted to cv axles and i have a 3.9 r200 as well as custom drive shaft with replaceable spicers... BUT my transmission is a refreshed 82 na tranny.. I know it will granade haha. My buddy who owns a mustage (341 stroker) sugested that instead of getting a swap, i should have straight cut gears or helical gears put in as they are stronger and would hold the power..is this possible to do with our transmissions??? Cost is no issue..i also have fadanza 10.8lb flywheel and competition clutch stage iv 4 puck with 2900lb pressure plate.good for 600lb fptq..so im good there.just conserned about my transmission holding up and NOT up for doing a z32 swap etc.. THANKS!
  9. Who knows lol.might turn out nice! I have heard of them but do not personally know anyone running one
  10. Im currently running comp cam grind. 295Durr/ 560lift.
  11. Go with comp,Isk or crane cams ....trust me..went through 2 Schneider cams..one i installed,the other done by a competent shop...still using there springs and other valve train components with no complainants..but there cams are soft..
  12. Go with comp,Isk or crane cams ....trust me..went through 2 Schneider cams..one i installed,the other done by a competent shop...still using there springs and other valve train components with no complainants..but there cams are soft..
  13. Schneider cams have a problem with cam lobes going bad..
  14. Try your idle adjustment skrew.also if your running a SINGLE CARB like a holley, check your idle mixture skrew to see if there set properly. Set for highest vacuum at idle.if there multiple carbs,get a Unisin and make sure your carbs are pulling equal amouts of air.do a search on this.if all else fails,check to mske sure your firing order is correct on dizzy and head.let us know.
  15. Hey zers, Im looking for a n47 head.nothing pretty.just the head. Would like to drive my car while buolding my current head. Missing that sound. Let me know. Thanks Randy.
  16. I am only trying to share some of my personal advice and also start topics that I may or may not already know the answer too in hopes of helping someone else.so what if I bring up an old thread.I do that to help the readers who may be looking for some solid advice.why are you saying its not cool to use others advice? maybe it helped me.so I thought id share.I never said any of the advice was my own.And pure fabrication? Explain this to be because it seemed to me I was only giving my personal opinion on a specific idea,in hopes of learning something my self or helping a fellow Z'er.that is what this site is about ,is it not?
  17. Also,go with a "white bunny" clutch or an iron disk with 2600lb pressure plate
  18. N20.....streetable and will kill a vett.build it right,dont forget the z32tt transmission swap,r200 diff,good grade bolts,steet drags,if done right,it will NOT hurt your engine.do your research on timing control and spark.go with a multi port injection WET kit with WOT switch.msd makes a great n2o switch so when you floor it with the bottle on,it wont spray till around 3500-4000 rpms.
  19. Thought id bring this great thread back for discussion:) http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/20104-p90-head-porting-realizations/
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