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73 240 Gas Tank Hookups

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After refurbishing my factory tank, as I discussed in a previous post, I've discovered that my pick line is completely clogged up.  I've tried applying heat and have attempted to rams wires into the tube to no avail. My new engine build will have a Holley carburetor and Holley Red fuel pump.  Although, from previous experience, I know that the stock fuel supply line would work with the 390 Holley I'll be running, I'm going to install a 3/8" or dash six supply and return line.  Holley recommends this as the maximum size for my setup and the size needed if the engine was upgraded in the future to make big hp.  The new lines will be installed in the same position that the stock lines were located.  Also, my car does not have a reserve tank.  I thought that I would use the larger vent tube, located on the top of the tank on the filler hose end, to vent to the atmosphere.  I'll probably plumb it to the area where the gas cap is located.  Will this one vent be adequate?  Is there any good reason why I can't just "cap off" all the remaining tubes on the tank and just have my new supply, return and single vent lines?           

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