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  1. https://www.classiczcars.com/articles/electrical/clock-repair-analog-70-78-z-round-r52/
  2. vintagezparts.com He has several sets listed. His name is Allan and is in NC. He's a good guy to deal with and knows about our old z cars.
  3. I have AZC's 5 lug set up. They looked great and have been on my road race car for a number of years with no problems. I have other AZC suspension parts that have worked well and Dave has always helped me when needed.
  4. If you need it to look original, I guess your choices are limited to the expensive replacement boot. However, my friend just had the same problem but got creative and used a can of black colored Flex Seal. He formed it in the hole in the firewall to resemble the original and did a really nice job for about 10 bucks and a litttle time. I guess it's all about what you can live with!
  5. My 260 did not have right side glass or parts inside the door when I brought it home. I tried window parts from a 73 240 and they were NOT the same and would not fit. I finally located a 260 regulator, etc that I needed. Have you removed your glass, regulator and track to clean and lube it? Over time, these parts get gunked up with dirt etc. and I suspect this is your only problem. Both windows on my 78 280 were very hard to roll up or down but after a good cleaning, etc, they work like new. They aren't that complicated. When you are in there you can lube the door lock parts and they
  6. I just found lots of good information about the "what and how to" for vacuum booster hose at Classiczcar site. I believe I'll insert cooper tubing in a good hose to get the correct OEM bends. Sounds easy!
  7. While replacing brake and clutch master cylinders, and vacuum booster on my 78 280z, I was not surprised to find rotten vacuum hose for the booster. New OEM style hose seams to be NLA. Can I use heater hose or AN hose to replace it? Are ther other hose choices?
  8. I have a T5 / G-Force gear box that I've been very happy with. It's in my L6 turbo road course car that makes a bunch of power. It make some straight cut gear sounds but has stayed together for some time.
  9. NewZed, I suspect the pump isn't doing what I need. I purchased it locally from Nissan parts dept so who knows what I have. I will check it's output pressure before I do anything else. Although it's "new", I purchased it about 18 months ago so there will be no exchange from Nissan. Thank you for your help.
  10. My 78 280Z has only 15lbs (steady) of fuel pressure. It has been setting for several years since I bought it and was running rough. I had the injectors rebuilt, replaced the fuel pump, the pressure regulator, both new from Nissan along with all rubber hoses, belts, new plugs, wires cap, rotor, valve adjustment, etc. Fuel pressure has not improved. Is my next step replacing the fuel damper? I have never had a problem with a damper in my decades of playing with these cars.
  11. Thank you NewZed. Again an old Z dog learns new tricks! Your post with pictures pertaining to the differences in distributor pedestals was an eye opener for me. After again really looking at several sets of distributor parts left over from my two dizzy rebuilds (280zx & 280Z) I discovered the differences in both pedistals and fixing plates that allow for adjustment. After pairing a set properly and reinstalling my distributor for the umteenth time, all is well. I have all the adjustment I need and have the car timed just right. I even remembered a short video I saw some time ag
  12. My timing issues continue. My original distributor had a broken magnet assembly and frozen breaker plate assembly but I found replacements in excellent condition. I completely dismantled the original distributor, cleaned and lubed it per FSM. Reassembled it with a new pick up coil, a new vacuum controller, cap and rotor. Put it back in the car but still could not get timing to advance beyond about 2 degrees. I've tried three different E12-80 IC units but they did't help. Then decided to go the "280Z HEI conversion route". I used a D6F5-03 distributor that has same timing curve as the or
  13. I need to replace the distributor vacuum controller on my 79 280zx. I've searched all the normal Z car suppliers that I've use in the past but no one has them for sale. Where can I find one?
  14. Quote "If the side seals leak, you'll have to remove the cap and replace them as well. " So to be clear, in order to replace these side seals I would need to remove the sump (oil) pan. Doing it now with the transmission out would be a problem due to rear mount not being installed and having to unbolt the front motor mounts to raise the engine in order to remove oil pan. Is there any reason why I couldn't remove the rear main cap to install side seals after the transmission is back in the car? Removing the oil pan then sure would be easier.
  15. I ordered a new rear main seal for my 79 280zx from Zcar Depot. Their listing stated an oem seal. Along with a normal circular type rear main seal that I'm acustomed to, I receive two other hard rubber seals measuring about 2 5/16" long by 1/4" by 1/8". Zcar Depot's part number is 200-717. I don't remember using these seals in the past. What are they for? The original engine is in my car.
  16. So, the Amazon listing was "out of stock". I ordered bushings from MSA but had to keep the outer shells in place. After tourching out the old rubber parts, the new bushings fit great!
  17. Yes Nissan still has them. About $2.50. Thanks
  18. I've been following your build for some time. Very impressive! Please continue to post your progress.
  19. maseraticompound@gmail.com Maserati Compound This guy has Datsun parts that can be hard to find. Searching is a little strange because I have found z and zx parts mislabled but if you take a look you will find good pictures of what he has and he ships fast.
  20. I'm about finished up with the rebuild process on my 280zx five speed transmission. The new bearings and syncros are in place on the shafts. But I just discovered that I don't have the oil gutter in my adapter plate. It moves oil from one gear and sends it through to the other side by means of an actual gutter. I only have the tube part and the gutter extension is missing. I suspect it was damaged / removed by the bearing that had exploded beside it. I can't find one listed on all my parts sites. Does anyone know where to find one? I could make one but I would rather not devote the tim
  21. I haven't used Zcar Depot's kit before. The parts are made in Japan so I feel ok about them. It's too late for me to search but I thought the parts fron Nissan were NLA. As to the mainshaft nut, I'm aware of it's potential to losen. I have a new one to use and the original one was still tight when I removed it with 144k miles driven. Perhaps the problem is how it's installed by the rebuilder? Fingers crossed!
  22. I have a complete car, 83 280zx turbo. I removed it from a barn where it had sat for many years after the barn roof had fallen on it. It is an auto trans car, but a have a five speed that I can part with. It is a complete car with only 90K plus miles on it. All original but the body is really rusted beyond use. Please contact me if interested.
  23. The slip joint from Z Car Depot fits like a glove and slides easily. Now the cover on the driveshaft gos past the gear box seal. All is well.
  24. Answering my own question! The transmission shop that advertised here is Alpha Transmission. I called them, spoke with the owner who told me he didn't advertise here on this site and the he "didn't fool with old Datsun transmissions" Too much! So here I go again, off into another adventure rebuilding it myself with the help of my FSM.
  25. There was a transmission repair shop advertising here on the opening page. I believe it was in Charleston, SC but I can't remember their name and haven't been able to find it. Does anyone remember who they were? I have the 5 speed out of my 79 280zx and pulled it apart to find out what was making a little noise in 1st and 2ed. The gears look good but one of the bearings is in really bad shape. I have a rebuild kit from Zcar Depot with all the bearings, syncros, seals, etc but I've decided not to tackle it myself. Does anyone have a recommendation of a good shop that knows these
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