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Are 4 speeds worth anything? What about L24 parts?

rturbo 930

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I have 72 and 76 four speeds. Are these worth anything, or should I just steal the bellhousings off them and scrap them? I checked a little while ago, and I saw a few going for $300+ on ebay, but that seems silly. No telling if they actually sell.


What about L24 stuff? It's from a 72. Doesn't turn over. Aside from the head, what parts are worth anything? Crank? Rods? I don't think they're the 9mm rods, and if they were I'd keep them. Oil pump? I'm keeping the valve cover.

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At some point, they all are worth something to someone.


Get in contact with the SCCA ITS guys or rebello and ask if they need/want any cores. The L24 block may be required for some racing classes...but that doesn't automatically make it valuable, just means someone may need it...and they are only getting rarer.

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