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Hi, I am wanting to know if the head studs for the L24-L28 gas engine will work on the LD28 diesel? Or if not is there a difference in diameter size between the head bolts on both engines? Looking to build a diesel and would prefer to run studs. Also, anyone ever get a price on studs to be made for the diesel through ARP? Thanks.

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If the LD28 is not readily listed by ARP, you can send them a single LD28 stud or bolt and they will measure it and compare it to all of their currently made studs to find a match. I had a friend recently do this and they figured out the VK56 in the Nissan Titan uses the same rod bolts as a BMW street bike. The Nissan vk56 isn't listed as having an off the shelf bolts, so he was expecting to pay a lot for custom bolts but instead he saved several hundred dollars and bought two packs of the BMW bolts.


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Here is a link to the nissan diesel guys.


They may even know where to source the proper thickness head gasket.




I did look at a Ld28 head I have and the holes are much larger than the ones for the head bolts on a l28.


I am having trouble finding the head bolts for this one.

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I actually am a member over there already. Been a member of that forum for over a decade, but traffic is slower over there so getting a response is harder. I did place an order last weekend through Nissan Parts Deal and even though it showed the diesel head gaskets as available on the parts callout screen after I ordered the gasket I got an email the next Monday saying the gaskets are no longer available. I emailed Cometic to see if the could make an LD28 head gasket seeing as they sell two different thickness gaskets for L-gas engines.

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