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280zx turbo engine sputtering popping wont rev past 2k rpm

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I went to drive my car to the gym this morning I it is running horribly. Yesterday it ran perfectly fine, built boost seemed normal. It starts normally, but then starts to get slightly choppy and when I rev it it wont go past 2k rpm and is sputtering and popping all over. I have a wideband 02 sensor installed and when I start to rev the engine, the gauge goes crazy and reads its maximum (- - -). I disconnected the 02 gauge last night when trying to mount it a different location, but I thought that had nothing to do with the engine since I'm running a stock 83 engine and management system. (Previous owner was about to megasquirt, but sold it before finishing). 

I disconnected this connection and tried to rev the engine and seemed to be running early identical to when it was connected (barely at all at rpm): https://imgur.com/a/q7at5

Small Streamable link (44 sec):  https://streamable.com/nzztz

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