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280zx sbc 406 wiring needing sorted

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You can use a GM pwr steering pump. I used one from a 76 caprice.the rack is METRIC pipe thread. That creates the biggest problem.But then figure out which line is the pressure line and which is the low pressure return line (I can let u know in a couple days which one is what). The return line you can cut and put a rubber hose over it with a hose clamp and run that to the pump. The feed/ high pressure line you can buy the right fitting from summit racing to fit in the steering rack and make a high pressure steel braided line to the steering pump. Or the way I first did which was cheaper was like the picture. I took and shortened the original feed line and had a hydraulic hose attached with like a pressure fitting at a local auto shop that could make it, and it has the right fitting on the other end for the GM pump. It wasn't an autozone, but like a small local shop.there might be other ways but thats what we came up with at the time..that should sum up that chapter, good luck, let me know how it goes and/or what's next....


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