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WTB: RHD Fairlady 240Z

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Hey guys,


I got in an accident about a month ago, and my '71 240Z was totaled (pic attached). I just [finally] got my insurance payout, and am in the market for a new car. I would really really like a RHD 240Z. I'm realy into Datsuns, long time enthusiast, worked at a Z shop in school, and really put a lot of effort and love into my Z. The car will be both brought to car shows / meets and autocrossed and raced / track days at Leguna Seca. I was driving the yellow one around at the last Car Week in Monterrey and turned a LOT of heads- I can only imagine what a RHD would do. Would love to find a project- I care about a straight body, clean frame, clean title, and low rust. Don't really care about the paint, motors, transmission, diff, seats or door panels.


Hopefully someone can help a fellow out!


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