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E. G. Smith


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Over the past few weeks or so I have really been scouring the WWW for effective, and well fitting guages for #6333. I know the traditional, ahem (numbers matching crowd) will frown on replacement aftermarket guages but how about the rest? Some suppliers like DEFI are a little pricey but the fit and function are impressive. AUTOMETER seems to have a pretty good fit and fuction also. The factory clock I could lose but I am really puzzeled about a AMMETER/VOLTMETER replacement. Fuel level guage is another concern. Everyone, or at least a few vendors offer fuel PSI guages but an effective fuel level guage has been difficult to pin down. The few that I have been able to search seem to need modifications to the factory in tank sending device or just general inaccuracy of fuel level indication. The function is the most important to me and it has to be trouble free as well. Post some pictures and stories of your conversions and any additional accessories that may be needed. Thanx.

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