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RB25DET Crank with no key


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Hey guys. I've been doing an RB25DET swap into my 280z and I'm using a Wiring Specialties harness for the swap. When I finally hooked up my battery (cables already connected to the starter, no key in the ignition), the starter tried to crank. I don't know if I've missed a starting relay somewhere that I didn't see in the wiring diagrams or what. Without the key in the ignition the start signal to the solenoid shouldn't be hot, so I'm not sure why it's cranking. If i hooked up the positive & ground backwards would this ignore a start signal and crank anyway?

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That's what I thought. And there doesn't appear to be a starting relay or anything like that cranking. The RB swap harness was pretty simple, had a wire for starter signal that I connected from the ignition switch so I don't know what I could've messed up.


Is it a sign of a broken/damaged starter? Maybe the contacts are messed up and it's getting power at the start signal contact? 

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The starter gets positive and ground directly from the battery and a start signal from the ignition. If I remove the start signal wire completely, it still starts cranking once power is connected to it...that's gotta be a damaged starter no? Regardless of the cars wiring, the starter shouldn't do anything w/o a start signal.

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