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  1. I have a short nose finned cover, if you’re interested. the mustache bar bolts are spaced wider and the housing bolts are slightly larger but would bolt to a long nose case.
  2. I have a couple of extra pairs in SoCal. Pm me if you’re interested.
  3. I have a complete turbo-back exhaust in SoCal if you’re interested. Not shipping though.
  4. yes, some of them do. some use tunnel mounts. depends on the trans you're using and your chassis.
  5. A quick way to tell: look at the shifter housing. If it is parallel to the tail shaft then it’s a 71c (commonly known as rb20 trans, but found on RB25DE). If the shifter housing slopes back toward the ground then it’s an RB25DET trans. Side by side the difference in size is obvious, in photos alone not so much. you could swap your RB bell housing onto a 240sx 5 speed from a KA car and it’ll move the shifter back.
  6. someone on the dpan group found what appears to be a mechanical speedo gear for the fs5w71c trans.
  7. OP: you’re running an R33 cluster? The Navarra speedo gear is for a cable driven speedo gauge / cluster. No it won’t work for an electronic cluster.
  8. did you guys have to adapt the pushrod / clevis to the pedal at all?
  9. What clutch master did you go with? if I remember correctly I’m using a 350z slave on my rb and may run into issues also.
  10. These the same as Z32? If yes, there was a guy offering group buy on a run of them. Uses machined Honda Odyssey rotors. pm me if that’s what you wanted and I’ll send you the contact.
  11. I have an RB25DE trans if you're interested. Located in San Diego.
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