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Need a gas cap for a '70


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Got some gas bummed off me at the station. Sufficiently distracted, I drove off with the cap on the spoiler. Sucks to loose it after owning the car for four and a half years. I was doing so good. :rolleyes:


Needs to fit a '70. It doesn't need to be the "correct" one.

I can handle the shipping by emailing the seller a FedEx label if desired. I get it the fastest/cheapest that way. I'll need box dimensions, weight and an address.

PayPal would be nice, but I'll mail a check if I have to.




-Gonna chain the next one down...

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Just a comment about that BMW cap that MSA sells (well, might sell, but they are out of them apparently).


First, they don't actually lock the cap in place. Yes you put it on just fine and turn the key successfully, but the cap is not locked on.

You have to add a little weld bead or screw or something at the right spot to make a "thing" that the protruding tang on the cap can hit against to actually lock. Second they don't work at all on the smaller 77-78 filler necks.


All that said, I have some modified locking rings and a couple of these lockable caps left if you want one. PM me or send an email to z240@shaw.ca.


Note that modifying the 260/280 filler neck requires removing it from the car as unlike the 240's, the locking ring part is part of the metal filler neck.


Here is the thread about it



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