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Darla a 71 S30

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Hello hybridz! 


My buddy and I swapped cars about 3 years back, his 71 for my 72, my 72 is what made him fall in love with z cars from the start, and when he heard I was wanting to get rid of it, he offered a trade...his (was) running 71 for my gutted, failed, forgotten 72 race project. I gladly accepted as it had been about 5 years since I have been behind the wheel of a z and I was looking forward to hearing this 71 live again. 


So the 71 is named Darla, just cause I like it, she was originally called The Death Trap due to some shoddy diy wanna be fabrication the owner previous to my buddy had attempted. So now she is affectionately called Darla, The Death Trap. 


A few specs.


L28 block, N42 head, cam unknown (car was purchased with triple webers which were then sold for one thing or another) currently has 3 screw SUs, stock 280zx (I think) distributor, unknown header (some shoddy, popcorn welds included) 280zx 5 speed, open r180 (again, I think) and lots of bondo. 


Dont mind the paint, that was me just spit balling some ideas. Yes it took the springs out, the strut inserts were blown anyway, I was just looking at desired ride height options and wheel tire clearence, and the last pic is the car on the enkie 92s, I had those same wheels on my 72 and loved em. If anyone can confirm that distributor for me that would be super helpful. I plan on having more pics up in the coming months as I make progress, until then!











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