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L28ET Camshaft question

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Hi there Guys...

I've tried to search here - and everywhere else - but all is mixed up.

How does the stock Cam - P90  - gonna work in a ported head  ??


all reworked intake / exhaust on Garrett GT3071 etc. etc.


I'm more looking into low to mid end torque for street Use - not a drag queen...


any suggestions ??

stock is good ?

NA Camshaft ?

uprated ??



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A NA cam helped my unported head. Then I had the head and exhaust ported with the following cam

Reportof: Cyl 1, Cam Data TestTime: 11:11am 06/06/2017 EventsRatedat ~05"TappetLift Cline Our Open Close LbArea Lb Lift Vlv Lift RAR Lash LbSep/Adv Int: 109.4 216.3 -3.7 40.0 25.25 .325 .488 1.5 .01 108.2 Exh: 107.0 210.7 32.4 -1.7 23.72 .322 .483 1.5 .012 1.2 Retard Overlap -5.4

Things really woke up after all that boost came down with the same power. It is a lot of fun. just need to upgrade brakes and suspension 

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