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  1. yes I am not on here all the time so easier just to email me .. dc1298@hotmail.com
  2. How much for the turbo distributor? dc1298@hotmail.com
  3. Yes so if it was a rod knock wouldn't it keep knocking if the plug wire was pulled ? The rod is still moving ? Also mine was much louder . my engine sat for 30 years ran great for a couple thousand miles before the sludge broke loose and clogged the pick up tube
  4. Sure brake calipers pads are good unknown miles I think the lines are still attached. for use with stock rotors dc1298@hotmail.com is best I will take some picks later
  5. so i have a set that are sitting in an r200 right now they are 280Z correct ?
  6. I think I do how can you tell the difference between 280 and 240 would like to sell as a pair
  7. Complete 240z suspension with Tokico illuminas adjustable shocks $350 local pick up 14" Konig rewind black with Chrome lip $300 with 1/2 tread Michelin tires local pick up with tires (maybe could ship without tires? toyota brake set up for stock rotors with pads and lines 100$ N42 block O ringed, with VO7 Crank in it. Has 5 turbo pistons forged and 240z rods, No I don't know what happened to the 6th rod and piston ... $1300 New set of Ross racing turbo pistons I will get back on size no rings but has the pins $550 Saw blade 15" rims $100 local pick up (may could ship) Panasport 16" chrome rims good shape. positive offset (Tires rub a bit 16/60/215) should be fine on a 280zx this is what they were on originally or lower profile I can measure the offeset $700 Rebuilt stock turbo I have paper work for rebuld and new improved impeller (cost $1100) your price $500 240z intercooler may work on others custom set up goes around the back of the engine $400 (lots of $$ went into it 2" maybe too small for my goals) Ported E31 head Lots of money spent on the head. Shaved .080 . Cam tower shimmed . Hand ported by a very expensive guy who knows Datsun. Std exhaust valves. Oversized intakes. Probably 500 miles on it . Made great power on dyno. 235ho to rear wheels at 7000 rpm 11:30 compression with flat tops. Electromotive cam. .525 lift 280 dur. Rare Asymmetric cam. Ready to bolt on and just adjust the lash. $1400 Prices do not include shipping prefer local pick up 280zx trans 1982 used $400 I will post pictures later for anyone who wants or can answer questions fastest response is to directly email me at dc1298@hotmail.com I do have other parts as well
  8. Where in NC are you ? I am in asheville
  9. Thanks New Zed I just sent him an email
  10. sorry should have specified r 200
  11. Is anyone making or has one of the Braces for finned Differential cover to use in a 240z? thanks DC
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