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  1. Where in NC are you ? I am in asheville
  2. Thanks New Zed I just sent him an email
  3. sorry should have specified r 200
  4. Is anyone making or has one of the Braces for finned Differential cover to use in a 240z? thanks DC
  5. 488 lift turbo cam. about 2500 miles. Vrl reg. with the additive for break-in. Vr-1 synthetic. Cam looks good so far. Haven't removed any rockers yet Delta did the grind on the rockers
  6. malibud

    '71 240Z

    I have the CD009 kit from Hoke. I really like it. I have always had good luck with stock Nissan head gaskets but I am sure felpro are good as well.
  7. Innovate is terrible i am on my 4th controller (its brand new in the box still in the box they just keep sending me new ones i have practically rewired everything trying to get it to work
  8. curious what kind of of set up you have to run 22 psi . I assuming race gas ?
  9. I have a JWT set up. Yes it never starts on the first try cold. you do need the dropping resistors for the low impedance injectors. The BOV needs to recirculate and not go into the atmosphere. There needs to be at least 6" on either side of the maf so pipe in front of the turbo and before the air filter. It does run rich but then there's not really much tuning. I run about a 14psi and it's a lot of fun
  10. Thanks Seattle! Your post was what I needed. It helped out a lot. Above and beyond with pictures but I now understand. I will install them without cutting start at full positive and take it to be aligned. DC
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