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  1. malibud

    1975 280z Part Out, bushings, and more

    If He does not have one I do just lmk thanks DC
  2. malibud

    Cam options 260z

    488 lift turbo cam. about 2500 miles. Vrl reg. with the additive for break-in. Vr-1 synthetic. Cam looks good so far. Haven't removed any rockers yet Delta did the grind on the rockers
  3. malibud

    Ceramic Coating

  4. malibud

    '71 240Z

    I have the CD009 kit from Hoke. I really like it. I have always had good luck with stock Nissan head gaskets but I am sure felpro are good as well.
  5. malibud

    Dyno'd my stock L28ET today - coolant everywhere!

    Innovate is terrible i am on my 4th controller (its brand new in the box still in the box they just keep sending me new ones i have practically rewired everything trying to get it to work
  6. and this winter I plan to make the plunge into megasquirt
  7. malibud

    Turbine size matters

    curious what kind of of set up you have to run 22 psi . I assuming race gas ?
  8. I have a JWT set up. Yes it never starts on the first try cold. you do need the dropping resistors for the low impedance injectors. The BOV needs to recirculate and not go into the atmosphere. There needs to be at least 6" on either side of the maf so pipe in front of the turbo and before the air filter. It does run rich but then there's not really much tuning. I run about a 14psi and it's a lot of fun
  9. malibud

    Wanted r200 3.36 ratio

    Looking for the 3.36 from a 79 280zx just need the ring and pinion gears but will take the whole thing dc1298@hotmail.com thanks DC
  10. I am about to install BC coilovers into a 240z . Can the camber adjustment be reached without cutting the strut tower? I don't see it can be accessed through the hole. Thanks DC
  11. malibud

    BC coilover ??

    Thanks Seattle! Your post was what I needed. It helped out a lot. Above and beyond with pictures but I now understand. I will install them without cutting start at full positive and take it to be aligned. DC
  12. malibud

    BC coilover ??

    I am a bit confused. What do most people do ? Do they go close to positive caberside and then install? Or cut the towers ? If I cut the towers do I have to reinforce? Are you saying that the adjustment knob will not be acessable through the hole? thanks !
  13. malibud

    Wanted r200 3.36 ratio

  14. malibud

    L28ET Camshaft question

    A NA cam helped my unported head. Then I had the head and exhaust ported with the following cam Reportof: Cyl 1, Cam Data TestTime: 11:11am 06/06/2017 EventsRatedat ~05"TappetLift Cline Our Open Close LbArea Lb Lift Vlv Lift RAR Lash LbSep/Adv Int: 109.4 216.3 -3.7 40.0 25.25 .325 .488 1.5 .01 108.2 Exh: 107.0 210.7 32.4 -1.7 23.72 .322 .483 1.5 .012 1.2 Retard Overlap -5.4 Things really woke up after all that boost came down with the same power. It is a lot of fun. just need to upgrade brakes and suspension
  15. malibud

    Wanted r200 3.36 ratio

    Bump surely there is one out there some where
  16. malibud

    Turbo exhaust manifold $150

    A little surface rust all studs are good buyer pays shipping dc1298@hotmail.com
  17. malibud

    Turbo exhaust manifold $150

    still for sale if anyone wants I can do a package deal on it and the intercooler
  18. malibud

    L Series Rebuild or Nah

    drive it have fun if it blows up which doubt it will find a zx in a junk yard and keep going
  19. malibud

    Measurements for CD009 and R154 and trans tunnel

    That's my car. yes the stock trans mounts have to go..
  20. malibud

    Split second loss of power

    MAtt Cramer You cannot receive any private messages so here it goes ... I live in Asheville NC. and do not know of anyone who is familiar with MS Datsuns (l28et) and that has a dyno. Do you have anyone you would recommend? I am not opposed to trailering it to Atalanta or Charlotte. Thanks For your time Dan Carroll dc1298@hotmail.com
  21. See pictures it was used on an s30 has all cuplers and blitz blow off buyer pays shipping
  22. malibud

    Measurements for CD009 and R154 and trans tunnel

    Not sure if this helps but for a point of reference. I am using the Hoke kit with the L28et sitting on stock mounts. I used the cbf shifter relocator and using the stock location for the shifter. If I hadn't use the relocator the shifter would have come through my ashtray
  23. malibud

    Looking for Dyno tuner for MS2

    I am in Asheville, nc and I have a ms 2 extra 3.3 with the wiring harness. I am currently running a jwt remapped ecu (z31) . i want to convert over to MS. for my l28et. I am willing to travel to Charlotte or Atlanta if need be . Any recommendations ? looking for someone with a dyno, knows mega squirt and is familiar with datsuns. Thanks Dan Carroll dc1298@hotmail.com
  24. malibud

    Looking for Dyno tuner for MS2

    That sounds good especially for the first start up I check email a lot more often if you wanna shoot me the info. dc1298@hotmail.com