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Questions reg. air/oil separator on Z24 turbo build.

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Since there is a crank breather and  rocker cover breather do I:

A- Buy two catch cans and plumb one into each of them and then to the turbo intake

B-Buy one catch can with two inlets and one outlet or

C-Buy a regular catch tank and connect it to the crank breather and let the rocker cover breather vent to atm or put a breather filter on it.

D-Same as C but "T" the crank and rocker breather together before the catch tank.


I feel A and B does the same thing, and cost wise is about the same as well. Astetic reasons would put B over A, less clutter in the engine bay

C is definately the cheapest, but the breather filter on the cover isn't legal here and it always leaves a oily film that dust and grime sticks to around the breather in my experience.

D; Cheap as C but without the grime and it keeps the emissions bit kind of legal. Only thing I can think of is airflow? Two 5/8 lines combining would need an even bigger line going to the can? Or is this not something to worry about? 

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