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Trying to get stock 92 Z32 TT started after 15 years.

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Picked up a 92 Z32 TT recently, dont know the history of the car but it's in rough shape. Its hasn't ran in probably 15 years. Found that the hood switch for the anti theft was broken off and causing no power to get to the fuel pump relay. I unplugged the switch and now I have a solid stream of fuel coming out at the motor before the filter.. also I found the fuel filter on backwards lol and the fuel pump relay extremely rusted inside.


Got a new fuel filter, new fuel pump relay, and 5 gallons of fresh gas. I also seem to have spark when cranking the motor from a spark tester placed on a random cylinder.  I have not yet checked fuel pressure, or timing.


But what gets me is that when I spray starting fluid directly into the throttle body and crank the motor I dont even get the slightest backfire or indication that the car is trying to start. Usually on other vehicles you can do this and get a pop or something but I get nothing. Hoping there is not anything major wrong.


Anyone ever have spark and fuel but no start? 

Anti theft? Crank sensor? Cam sensor? timing belt slip teeth? Fuel pressure too low? AFM? 


I'm a 240z guy, not familiar with this car or motor. Help would be awesome.

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