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L30 non stroker


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I'm interested in this also. From my research I believe you can obtain roughly 3 liters using the stock L28 crank, CH 29mm pistons & 137.5 rods. My personal view is the stock L28 was de-tuned by Nissan. There is no reason an N/A performance engine should not be making 100hp per liter or there about. I believe part of the de-tuning is with the crank to rod ratio & the choked head & exhaust with the L series. LD28 cranks are getting rare & expensive almost to the price point of a brand new after market version that is superior, has pre-testing & some sort a warranty behind it. Would be interesting to hear other peoples thoughts on optimum crank & rod ratios for the L28.

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I guess the reason they suck stock is that it was hard in the 70s to make an engine that could work crusing at 1500 rpm and also perform well at WOT 7000 rpm. The L28 is very simple, 2 valves, single cam, single plenum intake, very basic computer (or carbs!), simple ignition etc.


Head design is an issue with L28 and high HP. If you compare a stock L28 head to a modern say honda K head they flow very different. Lots and lots of work needs to go into the head to make it it flow enough for >100hp. The intake also sucks so you would have to do something about that as well. Not to mention computer.


Rod/Stroke might be a problem but there are other issues to address first.



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