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280ZX vs 280Z throttle linkage

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I had the L28 and 5-speed from my ‘81 280ZX swapped into my ‘78 280Z and the budget shop could not get the pedal linkage to correctly connect to the throttle body linkage. There is wood pieces at the firewall (exterior) keeping the linkage in place and the pedal is pretty close to the floor without much motion. I don’t seem to have a pedal stopper to adjust in the S30 so I don’t know what to do to get the pedal to have full range of motion. Has anybody encountered this problem and know the solution? I couldn’t find anything online...



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Do you have a camera?  Pictures are always good.


Not sure but I think that most people would put the 280Z parts on to the 280ZX engine.  The intake and exhaust manifolds.  Since the ZX is a different body style it wouldn't be a surprise if the throttle linkage didn't swap over right.


You could use a cable linkage.  


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It looks like somebody could probably make that work.  Easier than swapping intake manifolds.  There is a lot of adjustability in those rods.  Take a close look and you'll see that they are threaded on the ends.  Pop the plastic end off of the joint and you can screw the ball in or out to make the rod longer.


The wood piece makes me think that they broke something when they did the swap.  That's a hack job.  There's a bracket there that should hold up that end of the linkage.



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It looks like they put #2 on the bottom instead of the top.  Pressing the pedal would close the throttle not open it.  Does the engine run?  Does the pedal work at all?  Looks backward.


It's messed up, but probably fixable.




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This part is actually the joint between the two rods.  They put it together backwards then got confused.  Pop it apart there and flip it over.  You'll need to remove the hooked portion at the end to get it free.  It's supposed to slide, I don't know why they put those hose clamps on there unless it's too short.  Your 280Z manifold might have a longer rod that you can swap over.


Take it apart and put it back together with more puzzle pieces.



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