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260z Ls1/T56 Restomod

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Hi all I've been working on this build for about a year now. This is my first build and I'm tackling it in my apartment one car garage. I figure it's about time I start documenting my build on here but there is quite a bit to catch up on so I'll just dive right in!

1974 Datsun 260z 

Running a 5.7 Alum Block Ls1 out of an 02 Camaro

Fast Wilson intake

Clevite rod bearings

Total Seal piston rings

Ls9 Cam

Arp head studs

Mcleod clutch (ARP hardware)


T56 out of a 99 Camaro


These are the upgrades I currently have. Much more to come and I'll do my best to update in real time. Here are some photos of the condition I purchased the car in.








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Previous owner had a 4.6L DOHC Lincoln Mark VIII loosely installed but I decided to go the LS route instead so I pulled the motor and sold it on craigslist. Drove down to LA and picked up this 5.7 Ls1 which I'll go into more detail about later. 





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Ok so I'm just throwing a lot of photos out there to bring you up to speed with where I'm at on the car. I essentially stripped everything off of the car down to the frame. I jacked up the car on 4x4s and jack stands so I could fit underneath and spent a ton of time cleaning the underside.  I welded on BAD DOG frame rails to reinforce the frame as well as BAD DOG FRONT SWAY BAR reinforcement plates. I sanded down the engine bay and painted it with Eastwood Rust Encapsulator, I've since removed a couple of brackets as well as the Battery tray but 90% ready for final paint coat on the engine bay. I picked up a T56 down in LA and got a package deal with a Mcleod clutch. I pulled apart my suspension in prep for the arrival of the BC COILOVERS that should be arriving in about 2 weeks. I cleaned the inside of the car with soap and hot water as well as degreaser and treated any rust that I found. Floorboards were in surprisingly good condition so I was able to prime almost right after cleaning. I purchased the LS1/T56 engine and transmission brackets from John's Cars. Previous owner had cut the front crossmember up to fit a Ford DOHC motor so I found a guy online who sold me another one that wasn't chopped up for like 70 bucks. Ok that's it for this quick update! I'll post some more photos and continue to bring you up to speed!











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