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Ford DG508 ignition coils. Which spark plugs to use?

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A general question. As the title suggests, what spark plugs do/can I use when running the Ford DG508 ignition coils? 

I had read elsewhere that a guy had converted his car to COP ignition but had encountered problems with a random backfire/misfire. A friend of his who was running a similar setup said he had encountered the same problem and had fixed it by selecting resistor type spark plugs. Now both gentlemen have engines that run without the backfire/misfire problem. 

Before I get my new motor up and running, I was wondering if the Ford coils are spark plug specific? If so, what plugs do you run with them?

Thanks for your input. 

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Resistor plugs give less electrical interference than non resistor plugs, so perhaps some EMS could be sensitive to interference from non resistor plugs. I wouldnt think coil packs would be affected though. 

I don't think there's a down side to using resistor plugs. 

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