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help identifying wiper switch wires

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I am trying to wire a Datsun combo switch to a Honda wiper motor without the benefit of any existing wiring.  With one exception, the references I have found have blue, blue/yellow and blue/white wires coming from the switch.  My switch, the '72 variant in the link, has yellow/black, yellow/green and red/blue wires.  


If anyone has any experience with this issue, or can direct me to any links I may have missed, I would certainly appreciate it.





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 I noticed I forgot to include the diagram I referenced in my initial post.  Instead, I will attach a picture of the switch(es) I have, along with what I assume I need to identify on the chassis side of the harness.  I have seen several references to there being a color change at the connector.  I have been fiddling with a meter and battery, but have not been able to get the order correct as of yet.


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Why are you looking at the wiring on the combi switch? Unless you're replacing all the wiring, factory relays and all with an aftermarket setup, you only need to look at the engine bay connector wiring. I've got an early 74 260z and just wired up the honda motor, I believe the wire colors are the same. I won't be able to test it for a week or two because I'm still working on other wiring updates, but I'll report back when I do test it. 


I recommend adding a SPST relay to the circuit and lubricating the wiper linkage before swapping the wiper motor. I have very little experience with the Z, most of my car work has been old BMWs and Volvos, but I did take a multi-meter to a number of locations on the car and the voltage drop is pretty significant all around. I probably would not have done the swap as my wiring plans evolved and instead started with adding a SPST relay. You can quickly add the relay and possibly solve your slow wiper issues(also lube the two main wiper posts!). If it doesn't solve your issue, the relay won't have harmed anything or taken much time to install. If you unwrap the wiring harness where the wiper motor wires meet the main wiring harness about two feet from the engine bay connector there will be a LR (blue/red) single 18ga(16ga?) which splits into three and feeds the reverse light switch on the trans + washer pump motor. This wire is hot when the key is in and switched to Acc or Run. Cut this at the joint and the single becomes the trigger (85), the triple (87) receives +12v from a fused wire to the battery (30), and 86 is ground to the chassis. 


I found the new aftermarket honda motors don't use the wiring colors mentioned in all of the writeups, likely due to the generic vs OEM unit. Also, it's NOT a '91 honda wiper motor. '91 was the last year of one generation and the motor you want is from a '92 to '96 civic or '94 to '01 integra, part #76505-SR3-A01. I ordered a $40 generic unit off ebay and it came with the hardware needed and the shaft was notched like the OEM wiper so no grinding to it was needed. The wiper mount still needed grinding, approximately where my squiggly line is. The heat shrink colors match the generic wiper wiring colors and the connector pic is from zcardepot with a slight enhancement to the colors.


'74 early ----- Generic 92-96 civic

   260z           94-91 integra wires


Black ------------ Black

Blue/Red ------ Red

Blue -------------- Green

Blue/Yellow -- Yellow

Yellow ----------- White

Blue/white ---- Not used


TL;DR - install a relay and lube wiper pivots first, easier, quicker, cheaper.




Honda Wiper Wiring 3.jpg

Honda Wiper Wiring 4.jpg

Generic motor wires 2020.JPG

Honda Wiper Wiring 2.jpg

Honda Wiper Wiring 1.jpg

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Thank you for the response.  A little more information about my (never ending) project will answer your question.  I came across the car completely disassembled with all small parts piled in boxes.  I had already planned on making a custom harness for several reasons, but the original harness is molested (I never found a factory turn signal switch, and that connector was cut/spliced to a cheap switch using all red wires).


I vaguely understand the wiring related to the park function of the (Honda) wiper motor, but a lot of the info I have been able to find was focused on wire color rather than wire function.  Like i mentioned, I have got a pig tail set up w/a relay and fuse to test by elimination, but haven't been successful yet.  


Interestingly enough, I found two wiper motors in the car.  I did not realize that one of them was a Honda motor until I ordered one off of eBay.  I now have one factory motor, two Honda motors and two light combo switches.  Surely I will be able to contrive something functional:)


Thanks for the notes about the relay and linkages as well.  I'm sure this won't be my last hurdle on this particular circuit.


Have a great weekend,



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Nice write up manimal,


I am actually also installing a 93 civic motor in my 280z (1975-76). Question i have, how come blue/white wire is not used? On the wiring diagram it does seem to have some function and other posts i have seen also use this wire.


I will install an additional relays for the PARK function (5 pins relay 86-87-87a-30-85). Issue I have, on my datsun 280z my wiring is different.

I have


  • yellow/green
  • blue/red
  • black
  • yellow
  • blue/white
  • yellow/black


Any idea how to connect those to the yellow, white/blue, green/black, blue, black?



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I think I was able to resolve my wire identification question (using the FSM).  From my combo switch to the Datsun side of the harness:

red/blue = blue

yellow/green = blue/white

yellow/black = blue/yellow

Based on the pinout provided in the swap thread(s), this would leave me with black = ground and blue/red = 12V+.


I have not successfully tested yet, but I will confirm once I do.



70' Datsun 240Z __________________ 91' Honda civic wiper motor

blue/white-------pin 86 ________ Pin 87A-------blue/white

blue-------------pin 87 ________ pin 30--------blue

Blue/red-----------pin 85-------pin 85----------green/black




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