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  1. I'm disassembling mine right now and had a remove a broken stud from the intake side recently, so top of the head knowledge. Looks like a welder is your best bet at this point.
  2. Welding a nut on is the best solution, it's a M8x1.25 bolt. Use a M10 nut so you get better penetration and leave the nut partially off the stud so there is a bit of a pocket you can fill with weld. Before welding the nut on, fill the oil pump hole with one of those blue "shop towel" paper towels and tape over it so you can't get anything inside the engine. Another idea I just thought of for those with out a welder. You may be able to get the stud out by continually soaking it in PB blaster over a day. Then clean the stud really well with acetone and a small wire brush. Cover it with red loctite 271, thread a nut on, and let it cure over night. I would try that before filing flats into it, because you can do one before the other, but not vise versa. I've also found channellock GL-6 pliers to work better than vise grips(though I haven't used the V-jaw vise grips yet) and they would work better with out filing flats on the stud.
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