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MS3 won't connect laptop


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HI All

I finally install my ms3-pro. (First Gen) But I get get a connection. USB.

I've triple check all my grounds

gray pinout Pin 3, 5, 7, 9 & 18.

white pinout pin 16 logic ground..

I'm not 100 percent sure MS is turning on.

I check wire 8. (Grey) 5v+Vref and their no power.  Zero ohms..

Am I missing something.

Any suggestion?


no connection.jpg

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Some confusion here...

-Grey 5v+ Vref isn't what powers the board.  It's a sensor output

-You should be getting power to the board from pin 35. I don't know if it's the same for ms3pro but every megasquirt diagram/pinout I've seen shows it as a red wire. 



*TunerStudio will ONLY recognize megasquirt if it's powered up. Your computer might make a sound showing usb connection and you might be able to get a comm connection showing up in your drivers, but TunerStudio won't pick up anything if there's no power being supplied to megasquirt. 

If you have power and it's still happening there are a couple other possibilities:

-Comm drivers not installed

-Faulty board (very unlikely but not impossible I guess)

-Faulty or incompatible usb cable. Some people with other versions have poor luck with the usb needed to connect and end up sticking to the DB9 cable with an adapter. 

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