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Great tests! I particularly liked the first part where he tested all the lengths incrementally. 


For what it's worth, I tested my Z with SU carbs with the stock airbox backing plate that has short runners with bellmouths, and carbs only without the backing plate (no filter either way). Just wanted to see what difference it made, and to my surprise, it did slightly better without the backing plate installed. I don't know where I left the files. I intended to try to make something with longer runners to test, but never got that far. Maybe someday. I have access to a dyno whenever I want (I just don't have a running/driving Z at the moment).

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Thanks for posting! Cool to see some of the principles of intake tuning in action, namely, longer runners pushing the powerband lower at the expense of total HP,  the 205mm had the earliest power spike with a lower overall number!


Good stuff to keep in mind when looking at intakes for triple carbs and ITB's!

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