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Hatch Latch Upgrade for 280z

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I searched and didn't find much, but wondering on if/how people have updated their rear latch. Since the release mechanism is on the hatch, doing something remote (cable) is nearly impossible. So I am wondering if anyone has done a swap to a 280zx latch and wondering how hard that is, or if there is another easier swap. I couldn't find a kit to do it for sale, so I am looking to order some parts for my (75 280z) to try and do a custom cable release or maybe even a remote release for the hatch and delete the exterior key hole when I paint it. FYI - I have two hatches, one stock 240z one, and one Pantera hatch (with no key hold already, hence my desire to get this done).


FYI... I was active on the boards here 10 years ago when I got her, she sat for a bit and the pandemic got me off my butt and working on her again. She is mostly stock, and I am doing small tweaks like this but not a full restomod on her. You can read about my car project here: http://meandmyz.blogspot.com/


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Multiple people have put either a door lock popper or a small hatch popper in the hatch near the latch. Since the lock cylinder just presses a lever arm, it's not too difficult to make a cable pull that same arm. The only visible change would be two added wires from the hatch to the body, but running those next to the rear defrost power wires would hide them quite well. 

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