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  1. What are you planning on ducting the air to? And why did you add in scoops for the stock fresh air vents on both sides? Worried about needing that much ventilation?
  2. This should be in the for sale forum, since it's not a project thread. You need to be a donating member to post there, though.
  3. calZ

    LD28 Water Pump

    If it's the correct pump and shipping isn't too outrageous, I'd be willing to do that. Do you have any idea about how much shipping would cost?
  4. Cut just enough that you can bottom the shock and then trim more afterward?
  5. I also have no interest in putting heim joints on a street car. They're noisy enough as it is. I couldn't really get a good picture to show the depth of the grooves, but I did my best to measure them. One is less than a tenth of a millimeter deep, and the other is just under 0.2mm deep at its deepest, and less for most of it. The tube is 25mm, and the bolt that goes inside it is 22mm at the max thread diameter, so 1.5mm of metal on each side. I'm going to guess there's more than a 10-15% factor of safety on the tubes, so it should be ok. I might still try to just put
  6. One of my rear control arm/transverse links had a bushing that was rusted to the tube. I tried a few different things to get it off, but eventuality had to resort to cutting it off. In doing so, I accidentally went a little deep on both sides and scored the tube that slides inside the bushing. One side is hardly more than a deep scratch, but the other side is more significant. What are everyone's thoughts on dealing with this? Run a small bead of weld down the groove and grind it smooth? Or just run it as is? I had assumed the bushings rotate around the tube when the su
  7. I'll be very interested to see how much this car weighs once you're done with it.
  8. Oh, you wanted shops to put a different engine in your Datsun, not a shop to work on your Datsun. If you wanted someone who knows SR20s, you should specify that in the question.
  9. Oh damn. $99 is a heck of a sale.
  10. Yes, ProTunerz has been around for a bit. People seem to be happy with their products, despite them just being remixes of things from this forum. You might try the fuel rail OG, pallnet. I'm not sure what his prices are these days.
  11. Newest thread in this sub-forum 5 years old? The top two non-stickied posts are from the last couple months
  12. No. You need aftermarket engine management if you want to go fully sequential.
  13. Anyone ever hear back? Someone on Facebook was asking if they were responding again.
  14. calZ

    LD28 Water Pump

    You are correct. Thanks for that. I must have had oil on the mind last night while typing. A water pump is what I'm after.
  15. As the title says, I'm looking for a genuine LD28 water pump with the larger impeller. Hopefully someone that bought one back in the day still has it lying on their shelf somewhere.
  16. I wonder if there's anyone that produces a projector light that has etched glass or something similar to imitate a reflector light. In a vacuum I think I'd prefer the old school look, but it's close enough that the performance gain is worth it.
  17. Any particular reason for not just going with a standard mirrored dual exhaust?
  18. It all comes down to personal taste, and how much you value form vs function. I think they look fine, and modern projectors are going to be much better than reflector headlights.
  19. I have a 1972, but I'd still love to see pictures of the molds. What material did you print them in?
  20. I've looked into a lot of the CNC router options that claim they're capable of cutting aluminum, but I've never been convinced the stiffness is there to get super accurate. What kind of tolerances are you capable of holding?
  21. No, I never made a tech drawing for that one. You're using a different sensor anyway, so it'll be different. The measurement I have for the dust shield screw spacing is 72.675mm. You should be able to figure the rest out.
  22. I have to re-measure for my sensor adapter since I originally designed it for stock uprights and I'm now using T3 uprights. It'll have to use the two front holes rather than the two top holes. I'll attach the dxf of the existing mount. The easiest way would be to get it laser cut and then use a washer or two to take up the offset. I don't think it's worth breaking out the CNC unless you just want the bling. Keep in mind everything is translated from metric to inches since AZC likes to use that. I adjust a couple of the dimensions so they were ridiculous decimals, but depending on w
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