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  1. Wouldn't just deleting the posts have the same effect?
  2. I thought about that, but I think I'd rather not mess with threads and integrity of the shaft.
  3. Thanks. I'm aware why the D-shape is there, I just didn't realize some aftermarket shocks came with a matching shaft. My setup from T3 with Koni Yellows has a round shaft. T3 probably assumes everyone will use their camber plates rather than stock mounts. I guess I'll just get to work with the file and round out the mounts.
  4. But they're round? I've seen several people mention enlarging the hole, but never a word about having to change the shape.
  5. Question for everyone else: in that thread, they mention the strut tops being threaded and having to drill them out. My original and OEM replacement strut insulators are D-shaped. What am I missing?
  6. l follow this guy on IG and YouTube, and he is opening up pre-order for copies of the flares he originally made for his time attack 240z. Thought some of you who are looking might want to know. https://www.industrygarage.com/shop-online/s30-flares-pre-order-special
  7. I had Jesse buy me a steering wheel off yahoo auctions, and wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again. I lost a few auctions before winning one, and he was always very prompt in sending the deposit back after I requested it when I lost. Super responsive even in non-business hours as well. The steering wheel came packaged well enough to survive if they had just thrown it out of the plane over my house, so he doesn't skimp there either. It took me like 10 minutes just to unbox it.
  8. You need to be a donating member to post in the for sale section.
  9. It's a 1971, so it's smog exempt. Possibility of back fees on the registration, but not smog issues.
  10. Care to share this math? By itself, I don't think it would make a huge change, but eventually a lot of fractions of inches add up to a foot. Done alone I don't think it makes sense. If you're building the car with a mantra of "get everything as low as possible", then I say go for it.
  11. Just think of it as shedding weight! Slightly smaller means lighter.
  12. Everything looks fine for me
  13. Spec sheet says 1.5mm air gap, but it depends on the target type. The Subaru ring is on the edge of the recommended specs, so I was worried it wouldn't read well. That doesn't seem to be a problem though.
  14. Finally borrowed a power supply to test that the sensor and ring worked together. I didn't have an oscilloscope, so no waveform, but using a multimeter I could see the voltage alternate between supply voltage and 0 as the ring spun. That was kind of the last box to check to make sure this would work, so I'm basically considering this solved. If/when I grab some T3 uprights and do the final design, I'll update and upload the drawings for anyone to copy.
  15. MSA says they came on the 432 and ZG models, and were options for all others. So I guess not truly "standard".
  16. This is a passenger footrest. If your legs aren't long enough to reach the sloped firewall, this makes it a lot more comfortable to ride along. It was standard in Japan and an option in other markets.
  17. Exactly. If you seal out the air, it'll run out of oxygen pretty quickly and any miniscule amount of corrosion will stop.
  18. Jeff Priddy and Timz have done it. It's just a very expensive endeavor.
  19. If you want to make sure the support structure crushes before the unibody, some pie cuts out of the tubes would ensure that.
  20. Bearings, hub, cap, washer, nut, tone ring, and plastic version of the adapter. The aluminum adapter would add some weight over the plastic obviously, but less than a wheel spacer. The studs are also the extra long racing studs, and there is an additional stud.
  21. 3D printers are the best. You could easily make this by hand with a piece of aluminum bar and a washer rather than something machined, but when you can turn resin into solid with the click of a button it's easier as one piece. I can throw a drawing up for this too if anyone is interested. Only downside is that the T3 uprights have a brace that would interfere with the sensor mount, but I could just tie into the lower dust shield bolt on that side instead.
  22. How did you mount the ring? Turn the hub down?
  23. I don't think they do, but I don't have a haltech or motec in front of me. AFAIK every sensor is independent since they're all different inputs.
  24. Meaning the uprights too? Or do you have the tone ring mounted to the 240Z hub somehow?
  25. Eh, the part is going to be custom and pretty simple anyway. You'd just have to get yours with a 5x3.88" pattern instead of the 5x103mm
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