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Subaru SVX Diff swap

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Hey all,


My co worker got his hands on a to be junked subaru SVX for free. Was sitting in an abandoned shop building for a while that he acquired, hooligans came by and smashed out all the windows, interior got a ton of water in it, etc etc. Long story short, he is going to strip it for parts before junking it since these are fairly rare.


I wanted to know if anyone has ever swapped the rear differential of an AWD SVX into a S30. I would be looking to swap it into my 77 280z which had been an AT car with an R180 open. It has been converted to a 5.0 5 spd and I am looking for a tougher rear end. From what I have read the AWD SVX has a possible Long nose CLSD R180 in it which I believe should be a 4 pinion and should stand up to my mild v8 power (shooting for 300whp, ~325ft/lbs).


I realize there will likely be some customization work for the axles, drive shaft will be new anyways, maybe some mounting point fabrication but seems like it would be much easier than converting to a short nose R200/R230.

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