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260z relay locations

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I’m working in getting a early 260 back on the road and looking to clean up the engine compartment and sort out the seatbelt lock out relays.  I’ve read/searched a bunch of posts here and in classic z forum on relay bypass’ and removals and have a few different manuals on the car and still not 100% of where and what all the components looks like.  No labels on any of these anymore.  Does anyone have a map or overview of where and what all the relays are in the car?  I’ve seen one outlining all relays and components for a 280 fuel injection system and it was very helpful.   

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Not sure which manuals you have; but if you don't have the full FSM yet, you can download all years for free at:  http://www.xenonzcar.com/.


I've had both an early-version and a late-model 260, and the attached pics were fairly close to the relay setup in both cars.  Pay close attention to the plug configuration for each relay, and that should help you in the ID process.  Keep in mind that the electricals could vary quite a bit from year to year; and the 260 models were transitional, so design and build specs were changing quite rapidly at that point in the S30 evolution.


Good luck with it.


relay bracket diagram.gif

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