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MS2 V3 Fuel only to Fuel and Spark


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I am looking to upgrade my setup from MS2 V3 Fuel only to MS2 V3 Fuel and Spark.


Current setup is (running strong for 8 years now) : 

MS2 V3board.

Map sensor, 240SX TPS (not currently used but connected/available)

AEM Wideband

Fuel only

L28, N/A, Ported and polished head, Turbo injectors, stage 1 Isky cam, walbro.

Complete inox Header with 3 inches exhaust system.

Triggered from the coil and using the standard distributor for spark.


I would like to upgrade my setup and have MS2 control also Spark.


This is what I have gathered to achieve this goal :

36-1 trigger wheel fitted to crank pulley

3 wires Hall sensor

DIS6-02 igniter from a 300ZX (or similar)

Ford coil on plugs (DG-508)


My question is : what needs to be done to my MS2 ECU in order to upgrade it to be able to control spark while using a 36-1 trigger wheel (wasted spark).

The MS ECU was purchased built to order with a fuel only setup in mind, so the components to control spark would need to be added (hardware, firmware upgrade?).


Any pointers, good write-up?





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Hi Guys,

Just to let you know that I am currently RTFM.

I begin to understand what needs to be done (I bought my fisrt resistors!).


I will get back to you when I make some progress just in case that helps others.


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Hi, you have to reopen your ecu and be sure  your ignition out is wired, and you'll need some IGBT 's  to control wasted sparks , with your cops ( are you sure your 300 zx ignitor is useful ? )

read the ms extra manual , every thing is avalaible . 

with a 36-1trigger wheel , you put 50 degres in the soft  TS  

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