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New 73 Lime V8 Z owner.


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Hello everyone on the Forum. 


New member in the LA area. Just a acquired a ran when parked 1973 Lime, 240 Z. 

Its was in decent shape for the price. Hope to get it running soon.


I have almost no info on the V8 other than what I can find on the internet. 

Block is from a 1976 C60 truck or bus.

Heads look like 882 casting 76cc smog heads.

Edlebrock performer intake and Holley 4bbl carb.

4L80 transmission, BM Quick Silver shifter.


has no other upgrades that i can tell so far. 


Hope to learn a lot from the forum.





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Welcome!  Several of us are in the LA area.  Perhaps we should have an in-person meet, 'rona-permitting?


If you car doesn't presently run, and you're unsure of re-start procedures, it may help to post in the "general troubleshooting" sub-forum.  The usual culprits are of course fuel-air-spark, assuming that the valvetrain and so forth are healthy, and that the compression is OK.


4L80 is an unusual choice, to go behind a small-block.  Was the original intended for drag racing?

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