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[72 240z] Distributor / Oil Pump Alignment - I'm off 1 tooth right?

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Good evening all, 


In the process of chasing down a high idle problem, and I decided to check everything was correct at TDC while I waited on some gaskets to come in. 


I have the car at TDC, on the compression stroke, both the valves in cylinder 1 are closed (I have the valve cover off to check them), my screwdriver is about halfway through the "lull" to tell me the #1 piston is at it's highest point, and the timing arrow is pointing to the 0 degree mark. 


HOWEVER, the keyed shaft (forgive me, I believe it's from the oil pump) from the oil pump to the distributor looks like it's off ~11-13 degrees. There are 32 teeth on the oil pump shaft right? So 1 tooth off would be ~11.25 degrees? 


Going to take a look at it this week, but just wanted to show some pictures and see what you all thought.


I took the picture, threw it into OnShape, and then threw in the 5 degree line that the FSM calls out as what we're looking for. 



Distributor Off - 18 deg..PNG


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