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Joe's 1972 240Z adventure

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Well, here we are again, same stuff, but satin black. To use this, and not have any runs, you have to use it in quick short bursts from a distance. It looks great if done this way, Death by a thousand cuts (or quick bursts while swingin the can). I used it on my dash metal trim against the windshield. The trim has a woodrain texture to it. If you just sandblast this piece, you loose it and then just have smooth metal. I carefully cleaned it up with the brass wire wheel and steel wool, it worked! here are some pics:





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Passenger mirror layout. I found out the the factory mirror rotates 180 degrees, so you can use one on the passenger side as well! Since I like the "dainty chrome" look of it, I bought one used, so it matches the original patina on the driver's side and went ahead today and marked it and drilled the mounting holes. The idea is to do everything for the doors NOW, so once closed up, that's it....in theory. 


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Little 240Z has it's share of slight door dings etc like this. there are 2 schools I figure....one is the leave them, clear over and let them add "charm" to the car....the other is to use a bit of glaze and block them out, spray to blend it in and then clear. I am of the school, of remove as much of them as possible. Opinions? This is it for today, Gentlepeople, Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving! God bless each and every one of you. Peace.


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11-27-2021 UPDATE: Ok, so with renewed vigor and the troubes of yeaterday behind me, I was able to get the side mirror bolted on, reattach my painted rear view mirror, Touch up around the dome light after yesterdays installation, straighten things up a tad, and re-spray my tailight frames. To get the side mirror on, I ended uo threading a bolt into it with a nut on it as well, dremel'led the bolt head off, and then backed the nut off to clean the threads. Thus, making it a stud sticking out of the mirror. At that point, I was able to take my cobbled together wrench and finally get a nut started on it and then I was able to cinch it down. SUCCESS!


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