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Scan.pdfI bought a pair of gauges for my Z31. I think Oil Pressure and Temperature  are from a 240Z and the Fuel gauge and Volt meter are from a 280Z. Any wiring diagram that I can find shows them with pig tails that only show where they plug in. Since my car is a Z31, I need to wire them directly, but I need to identify what wire goes to each terminal on the back . Here's a drawing of the back of the gauges.

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The FSM includes both "cartoons" of how the gauges install in the dash harness; but also full schematics which will show you how to integrate the S30 gauges into your Z31.  You will have to look at the FSMs for the 240 and the 280 separately (since your gauges are from two different model years); but you can download free FSMs for all years at:  http://www.xenonzcar.com/s30/fsm.html


Hope this helps.

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