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rebuilding rack and pinion (1983) - trouble inserting rack in....

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I`m rebuilding my rack and pinion (a seal burst).  took it all apart, changed all the seals, and now started putting it back together. 

one of the first step is to insert the rack in the tube, teethed side in..  to do that, they recommend putting a plastic film around the shaft where there are teeth, so the teeth don't chew up the new seal. here is a photo from the manual. 




I tried using electrical tape, and then 2 layers of packing tape, all super lubed up, but it was very hard to even get the seal started on the shaft, and as soon as I started sliding it down, the tape would get super shredded between the shaft's teeth teeth and the seal. (panic!)


next, I tried to use a thin plastic sheet (from food packaging).



that seemed promising except that I wasn't even able to get the seal started on the shaft.. I guess that adds too much thickness to the shaft diameter. 


I plan on trying again tonight, maybe with only covering the toothed part of the shaft with the plastic sheet (instead of wrapping it around)..


but I was wondering if anyone else had experience with this and what could be used to protect that seal.





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not much interest.  no matter.  I solved the issue, so i`ll write it for future reference.


I ended up removing the "washer" that is in the middle of the shaft.  Im my car it's help in place by circlips, si I removed all of that , and it was a toothless path, and shorter too.   

I ended up cleaning the shaft VERY thoroughly (or else the tape peels), putting some packing tape on the end (sharp lip) and on the grooves where the ciclips are inserted, and the seal slip over everything without too much effort (with lots of lube).  




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