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Alternator wiring


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Hi everyone,


Long story short my wiring was shot to pieces, ive stripped most of it out and over the next couple of weeks going to rebuild it.


It's destined for life as a track car, with basics to make it road legal. So nothing will remain on the car that isen't essential to meet that requirement.


Like so many i understand mechanical things but less so when it comes to electrical items. I've got the factory manual but I'm stuck for where the connections on the alternator will route.


This is a picture as I understand it (hopefully correctly) for the very start if the system, but as for how the alternator ties in I'm unsure:



Alternator Black: Ground as always


3 x White wires: Unsure -

But my best guess is 1 of them routes back to the starter and joins the + there (to feed a charging current to the battery)

The remaining 2 join together and pass through a fusable link and onto the main fusebox (to provide a + for all circuits)


^^^^This could be woefully wrong but after 2 days of trying to suss it out I'm now prepared to ask for help ;)



Blue: Lamp to show charge/discharge status



Any assistance would be much appreciated.







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There are problems with some of the wiring schemes out there, depending on what you're trying to do and what car you're working on.  Relays can get wired to stay activated, draining the battery, or the brake warning check light will stop working, or the engine will keep running after you turn off the key..  Just posting in case you run in to problems.

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It's a 280zx but the wiring was so knackered it seemed easier to start again, got most of it sussed, was just that alternator query had me a little stuck. More because I wanted to know how Datsun designed it in the first place rather than just blindly going from the Alternator back to the battery with a 100Amp maxi fuse in there. 


Thanks bud I appreciate the heads up and the reply 👍  

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